IRS Audits & Resolution Work
No one plans on getting a tax problem. Let us help you.

In most cases dealing with the IRS can be overwhelming, intimidating, time consuming and sometimes, impossible! If you have a tax problem, it will not go away on its own and if not addressed on time it may seriously impact your financial well-being. The IRS has a lot of power. It can freeze your bank accounts, place liens against your possessions and even garnish your wages.

No one plans on getting a tax problem. However, life circumstances may cause you not to stay on the top of your tax situation. If you happen to be in such a position, first priority must be to address your tax issues directly and on time. As a tax professional, I diligently work with my clients to find a correct solution to their tax problems and bring their tax position up to date through various programs and communication with the IRS.

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